Family Law Specialists

Established in 1993, JPLegal specialises in Relationship Law and Family Law. The firm is a boutique family owned law firm based in Melbourne.

We recognise that Family Law & Relationship Law is an area which can have a tremendous impact on peoples’ lives. We appreciate and value the trust that each client places in us, treating each client with empathy and ultimately striving to achieve what is in each individual’s best interests. We provide professional legal advice and representation in the following areas:

·         Property Settlements
·         De Facto Relationship Breakdowns
·         Binding Financial Agreements (Pre nups & after marriage)
·         Child Maintenance and Support
·         Parenting Issues
·         Child Relocation
·         Spousal Maintenance
·         Domestic Violence/ Intervention Orders
·         Divorce Applications

Located 15 minutes north east of Melbourne’s CBD in the heart of Heidelberg, We offer our clients a free no obligation consultation that can address initial concerns, disscuss the legal process involved and also provide preliminary legal advice moving forward.

All enquiries are welcome by email, phone or in person.

Level 1, 94 Burgundy Street, PO Box 329 HEIDELBERG, VIC 3084 Tel: (03) 9458 3700 Fax: (03) 9458 3755 Email us: .